DR. Negar Tabari


Dr Negar Tabari grew up accompanying her mother in her dental practice from an early age.

She enjoyed the joy it brought her mom to care for her patients and felt the same passion.

Dr Tabari has lived in several countries throughout her life, an experience that helped her appreciate different cultures and spark friendships effortlessly.


Dr. Tabari received her first dental training in Hungary and graduated in 2009.  She then moved to the U.S and completed additional licensure training at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. In her last year as a dental student, Dr. Tabari won the award of excellence in Pediatric Dentistry and got accepted into Rutgers specialty program, where she completed her training in Pediatric Dentistry, as well as her Master’s in Dental Sciences.  During residency, she won an award for her exemplary contribution to residence wellness and served as the chief resident during her second year.


Dr. Tabari believes that tooth decay is a multi-factorial disease and to provide the most comprehensive care, strives to engage, educate and motivate her patients.

Her true emphasis is on importance of prevention and establishing an early dental home.

In her free time, Dr. Tabari likes staying active and staying connected with nature. Her favorite activities are swimming, biking and roller blading and of course rehearsing Disney songs!